Exceptional Inclusion Program

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Thanks in large part to generous funding from The Cleveland Foundation and Cuyahoga Arts and Culture, TCT offers four fully produced, stand-alone sensory friendly productions this season that work with and support families and kids in the Cleveland area with special or extra needs. These productions are being developed in partnership with not only qualified specialists in their field, but with the input provided by members of the community--audience members, family, friends, and professionals at multiple (and on-going) community round tables to provide a joyous experience for our audiences who are persons with disabilities. These productions include enhanced experiences for one and all, with extra support for our audience members with sensory, sight, hearing, physical and developmental needs.

The Exceptional Inclusion Program features The Aesop's Cycle this year, and aside from sensory friendly performances, provides pre-show tours of our building, Social Stories, Comfort Crews in the audience to assist kids, young adults, family and friends in enjoying their experience at TCT, and comfortable areas in the facility where audience can step away if they need to. These areas will include sound-reduction headphones, along with other amenities.

  • Every performance in the Exceptional Inclusion Program is Pay What You Can. While we don't take paid reservations in advance of your visit to our theatre for Pay What You Can performances, we can reserve tickets under your name at will call and we'd love it if you would drop us a line at tix.tctorg@gmail.com to let us know you'll be coming, if there are any special considerations you will need when you visit, or if you'd like to take advantage of some of our pre-visit or surround amenities. Please feel free to ask whatever questions you may have when you write to us--we are always happy to help, whether in a return email, or a phone call to you, if you include your phone number.
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  • Exceptional Inclusion productions are developed and performed by a dedicated core team of artists who work together with a playwright in residence and trained specialists to create the best and most accessible experience possible. Partnerships with outside organizations that specialize in their fields, coupled with the small size of the Exceptional Inclusion company promise to bring you and your child a rewarding, inclusive, and joyous experience.
  • Although each of the productions focus on a specific element of inclusion (sensory, vision, hearing, physical), every show is easily accessible and designed to be enjoyable to any and all who attend. At TCT, we believe in community, and consider ourselves to be a brave space--a place where any child, young adult, family member or friend can come and be free to celebrate who they are in comfort, safety, friendship, and joy.
  • A tour of our facility before seeing a show can help to make audience members more comfortable. When you contact us for a tour, we start you off before you even arrive at the theatre. We will let you know the best places to park and the easiest way to gain access to the building. Once inside, a staff member will help you become familiar with every area you may see during your visit. You will be given a chance to see how the lights will look, to talk about what sounds you are likely to hear during a performance, and be shown where the comfort areas will be on the day of the show. Our staff will be available to talk you through the show, should you so desire, show you where the best seats are for you or your child's needs, and answer any questions that you may have that can help to make your adventure with us an amazing one.
  • Can't visit us ahead of time in person? TCT is currently in production for a VIRTUAL tour of our facility. This will be in place on our Youtube channel no later than the end of February. This virtual tour is available completely free of charge, and we encourage you and your child to visit our channel frequently to see what new and exciting things we have there for you!
  • A "what to expect when you visit TCT" fact sheet is available upon request. Simply let us know when you contact us that you would like to have one ahead of time, and we can either email or post you a copy as soon as we hear from you!

EXCEPTIONAL INCLUSION Additional Creative Team

  • Playwright in Residence...Claire Robinson May
  • Directors...Katelyn Cornelius and Alison Garrigan
  • Coordinator...Bryce Evan Lewis

Exceptional Inclusion Programming is made possible in part through the generous support of

Cleveland Foundation CAC