Talespinner will return to the stage once state and federal officials have given the all clear to gather with others and TCT has solidified a health and safety plan for our guests and artists. Keeping everyone safe is our top priority. Thank you for your support!

We believe in the power of storytelling

Talespinner Children's Theatre is a Cleveland-based company that develops and produces highly imaginative, original, collaborative and interactive professional works for children that also stimulate creative growth in its artists. TCT's aim is to bring theatre to the community in its fullest form providing excitement, growth and joy for all who are involved in and/or touched by its work.

TCT strives to reach across socio-economic, cultural and traditional boundaries to help awaken and bring better understanding by opening eyes, ears, hearts and imaginations in the young people (and artists) of Cleveland and its surrounds.

TCT creates work that remembers that children are smaller people, not lesser people.

There are so many ways to lend a hand!

We want to spread the power of storytelling all over Cleveland and we need your help! If you are excited to join in at Talespinner Children’s Theatre, consider these:


Several times a year, we put out a call to anyone who has expressed interest in joining us as a volunteer in our lobby before performances, and other community events! Email talespinnerchildrenstheatre@gmail.com for information.

Street Team

Help us spread the word about upcoming events by joining our Street Team! Email TCT Director of Development Bryce Evan Lewis at bel.tctorg@gmail.com for more information!


If you’re out of time but would like to help, consider a donation of cash, an item on our online wish list or gift cards! Every contribution helps us to produce high-quality programming for the families of Cleveland!